INITIAL CONSULTATION A complimentary 20 minute telephone conversation to discuss your goals and to answer any questions.

EDIT YOUR WARDROBE Includes a gentle and honest assessment of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, pertaining to your desired personal style and image, your figure, your personal coloring and your lifestyle. We begin with an in-depth style questionnaire to determine our goals, and then begin editing your wardrobe for the chosen season, to determine what should remain, what should be altered to fit you better and what more is needed in order to create a new look. We will also evaluate the best colors and most flattering fit for you. Within approximately a week of completing a wardrobe edit, you will receive your personalized shopping list and stylist notes.

SHOP WITH YOUR STYLIST Includes shopping together at location(s) of your choice. Or, let your stylist shop in advance, pre-select the merchandise for you to try on and have prepared fitting rooms ready for your arrival. This is a great way to efficiently shop the stores that are right for you, to spend wisely by avoiding closet mistakes and to purchase only things that flatter you and enhance your image. (If location is farther than 30 miles from Lafayette, CO, a travel fee will apply.)

CREATE YOUR OUTFITS Put it all together! Incorporate your new purchases with your original, edited wardrobe to complete your collection and define your new looks for the season. Create multiple new outfits, styled head to toe with accessories, and designated for different occasions of your lifestyle. This service is a very important follow-up to shopping, so that you will be certain of how to wear all of the new pieces that we have chosen. It sometimes takes practice to start dressing in a new way, and a busy weekday morning, while preparing to leave in a hurry is not the right time to experiment with your new outfits. Taking the time to create complete outfits and seeing them on will help you to know ahead of time what works together. Creating your outfits will help make daily dressing effortless, knowing that you look great and are projecting the right image to feel empowered for a successful day-- this is what makes it all worthwhile