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Hello Lovelies!!!,

Its been a minute! Life has been happening and still happening! So happy new month, happy spring and happy Everything! I missed you guys. I hope life has been treating you well. If not hold on, because it always gets better in time! Joy comes with the morning!

Alright! So today we are talking Neon vibes for Coachella. Neon is back people! Its brighter and better. I remember hating these colors back in the days coz I feel like they were too bright or just not my style! But today, I mean what’s not to love. We have had winter for so long that any bright color makes me feel so good. So it’s payback time for winter. Your girl will be rocking all these bright colors all spring and summer long!

Coachella is here y’all! What is Coachella you ask? Don’t worry I will let you in on the deets lol. Coachella is an annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. Many celebrities and normal people enjoy this music festival in the sun wearing bohemian looks and living their best life!. I for one would have been rocking Neon all week because I think being different is equally good. I had an opportunity to be gifted 2 tickets which I also gifted forward because I am unable to go due to timing and work. So here is some neon inspo if you are going.

Neon is really easy to rock however you have to have ‘’confidence’’ in it because its bright and you tend to be the center of attention even when you don’t want to be lol. So while they stare, make it their worthwhile….okay? Here are a few tips on how to rock NEON COLORS!

  1. Wear neon as a pop of color. E.g. shoes, purse, shirt, jacket or sunnies
  2. Color block with other neon colors- Pink, orange, green, purple etc.
  3. Wear one solid color from head to toe.(all pink, all green, all orange etc.)
  4. Pair your neons with neutrals or prints for a balanced look
  5. Accessorize your neons as a statement piece e.g. Bright Neckpiece, Huge purse, Huge Earrings, sunnies, hats or a big belt
  6. Use a bright light scarf for a pop of statement
  7. Use neon eyeshadow if you are into makeup!
  8. Use neon polish for a minor pop of color.
  9. Dye your hair neon colors for a funky, edgy hairstyle. (You can use temporary hair spray that washes off.
  10. Wear your neon with Confidence!! Yaaaas girl get it COZ THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

There you have it folks. Neon is here to stay, so give it a try, play around with the colors and be confident! I have linked all items for your shopping. Use CODE FEST216 for (15% off)

Till next time, stay stylish and be You!!

Xoxo Pauline

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 Look 1

 Neon green dress (Windsor), Fanny pack (Rainbow shops), Jacket (Shop Here), Sunnies (Similar Here), Booties (Na-kd)

 Look 2;

Orange pants (Shop Here), neon green cami (Windsor), Jacket (Shop here), Heels (D.S.W), Fanny Pack (Rainbow shops), Sunnies (Similar Here)

 Look 3;

Asymmetrical Wide Waist Buttoned Front PU Leather Pants (Shop here), Neon pink Bodysuit (Shop Here), Heels (D.S.W), Purse (Similar Here), Sunnies (Similar here)