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Hello Lovleies,

So I asked Alexa to give me 3 colors for valentines and she said Red, white and pink so I went or it. I am not going to bore you guys with valentine's day details today other than the outfits.

So I partnered with (Shein) to give you guys affordable pieces you can wear for Valentine's/Galentines. You can aso wear these anywhere for most occasions!! It doesnt always have to be Red, so we are mixing it up. The first one is the pink dress,omg you guys, this dress is so cute, I had to get it in white too!(I know,) Talk about the sleeves, this one is a killer, so stunning will be an unersstatement. The details are out of this world. I was totally sold by the sleeves, I could live for the sleeeves, did I mention the sleeves are out of this world? Lol ok I have to stop now. This dress is classy,comfortable and flirty at the ssae time.

The 2nd one or third is a sequin dress, sequins are always a good idea for night out. This one is a simple, long enough with 6 inche heels, it has spagetti straps ans a thigh high slit (Ahem dont judge me!) I love the fit and the way it hugs my body.Its also true to size. I am wearing a small or US size 4

Last one is a red /burgundy version of this one I posted (Here) I love love Sheer fabric, If you wear it carefuly, anyone can pull it off but one slight mistake, you can end up looking trashy and we dont want that now do we. So this dress come with a full underwear attached to the dress, yeah just that!Like a bodysuit LOL and nothing else but you know your girl is not about to be looking like that! right? Yeah so I cut the whole underwear and Sliped in a cute little spagetti red dress and voila!!! it looks amazing. you can still see the sheer but I am also covering everything that needs to be covered. You are welcome!!

All these dresses are true to size. I am wearing a size small which is a US SIZE 4. All the dresses are good for a date night, weddings, parties,Night out with the girls. Btw we are calling it Galentine's now. I mean its been a few years , 2017 to be exact! For those who didnt know, ita a celebration of female friendhip, invented by the Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, which occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine's Day. So there you have it. I hope you like my selections and you are inspired.

I love and appreciate you for visiting my blog!!

Till next time, Enjoy your v/galentine's day/ week Stay Stylish and be YOU!!!

xoxo Pauline


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