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For the longest I believed that you couldn’t be fly and represent God. It made feel I had to separate that part of my life from my faith. As it became more and more clear that God was polishing a gift He’d placed within me I knew that I wanted to be the kind of INFLUENCER that could have caught my attention when I was hurting.

Hello lovelies!!

Its new year's eve y'all!!! The year has ended, just like that!! So this year has been a roller coaster for most! Ok let me speak for myself. This year has been a roller coaster for me. I fought so many battles, I won some and I also lost some.

Everything that I planned went the other way...Things flipped upside down before they flipped right side up?...No actually they actully went God's way and I am sooo grateful. Grateful that despite everything that I went through, despite every challenge, every dissapointment and every No, I made it!! Yes I am still here stronger, wiser and so much better! If you thought you knew me 6 months ago, You don't!! I am an upgrage version of who I was then. So handle me with prayer!!

You see the process of alignment is never going to be easy. The process continues to change as you continue to level up but His Grace to overcome is always sufficient. Don't be discouraged if you notice things look overly quiet or overly noisy. God is at work! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding! Make it about Jesus watch your life change!!

All in all I just want to say God has been so faithful to a point where I understand that I was called for a time such as this, It was all part of the plan. I am in God's plan today and I have been repositioned and aligned to his will and purpose!! Am I preaching? I am preaching!!( Yaaas Lord)

2018 has been a test and a Testimony! It has truly elevated me spiritually and in every area of my life!!

I am so thankful for all your support and love on my blogging journey,The like, the comments, the encouraging dms, the partnerships, the collaboration and all that I was blessed to be a part of in this year! Thank you all so much! Go bless you!! Wheeew chiile, It's been good, it's been rewarding but I am so excited about what God has in store for us in 2019!!!

For this last post of the year 2018 I leave you with some quotes that have resonated and encouraged my spirit through out the ups and downs! I wish you all a prosperous and blessed 2019!!! May you go with God!!

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I Love and appreciate you for visiting my blog!!

Till next year, stay #stylish and be You!

Xoxo Pauline

-Hardships and challenges are meant to push you and not to stop you!

-There are some journeys in life that you have to walk alone!- Isolation for elevation

-Anything that takes you Way from God takes away your progress.

-You’re in this world so that you can change it. Take the time you need to rest and rejuvenate but don’t dare get bland. Start praying, dreaming, and creating again.

-There comes a moment when you decide to no longer be surprised that you have a gift or talent that the world needs and you choose to be intentional about how it’s shared and what is expressed.

-Don’t allow your current position to make you give up. Just because you’re not where you want to be doesn’t mean you’re not on the road that will get you there.

-In a world full of motivation focused on pushing you to seek fame, fortune, glitz, and glam don’t forget that those things are only glitter compared to the one who lights a flame in your soul. _ -May you carry with you to 2019 the light of the world. I’m praying that it follows you in every room you enter. May that light shine until it brightens and illuminates your office space, relationships, interaction with strangers, and in the way you handle your very own heart. That’s playing to win.

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