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Hey loves,

I should have posted this yesterday but I had a studio photoshoot to do after church. it was an amazing experience I might say. I am so excited and I can't wait to share with you the amazing shots and outfits that I created.

So this is what I wore to church yesterday! I was looking like I have every reason to be grateful to my maker and I do!  I will worship him with all I got that means my appearance too! after all he keeps on blessing me and I am so so grateful! He deserves all my praise!

Now back to the appearance #theoutfit! I wore this amazing bodycon dress from Asos yes Asos again lol, you will see lots of these in the coming weeks. This one is simple yet so gorgeous, decent length and fits so perfectly. It has small tiny spandex straps and so I covered it with a cropped jacket which looks like a little cape from Jessica Howard. its really not hard to cover up strappy dresses, just make sure you don’t cover the whole dress design, that’s why I went for a cropped jacket. I’m inspired by the very chic and calm look so much that I think you guys should try it and let me know how you would style yours!

Thank you so much for passing by, I appreciate you all

have a blessed week!

Pauline Kay xoxo

#ootd #whatamwearing

Bodycon sweetheart dress; Asos, cropped jacket: Jessica Howard, Shoes; Charlotte Russe, Earrings; Aldo, bracelet and neckpiece; Chanel, watch; studio time

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com