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hello Honies,

The weather has been acting crazy again in ohio. it was sunny in the morning and then suddenly a hail storm? Yes literally ice cubes from heaven everywhere! Any who, I was running some errands the other day and I decided to wear the white distressed jeans and a silver cardigan coz it was a bit chilly.  I so love white. as usual we stay away from the BBQ sauces and ketchup. lol. the look is clean and simple. 

I love how white pants just pop, I got these from rainbow shops. I just dont like the fact that they are too long and I have to roll em up or crunch them. the struggles of being tall heheh. Am yet to find white pants that will fit perfectly right to my ankles. that’s why  I stick with express jeans, they are pricey but they so get me lol

Now I know am not the only one who struggles with long pants so here are a few tip on tucking, rolling and folding long pants.

Skinny pants can be worn untucked with either heels or flats will look the most polished and chic worn at ankle length or above. No bunching, no knocking into your foot’s bridge, a clean, neat finish.

1.       Wear the correct shoes with the right pants, e.g. wide legged with heels and not flats

2.       if you’re tucking into boots, your skinnies can be miles too long and it won’t matter a bit. Cuff them and tuck them into your socks

3.       But if you’re wearing super slim-fitting pants with heels and they bunch up at your ankles, they will look too long. If you’re doing skinnies with flats, same deal

4.       With denim and pants made from fabrics that are slightly stiff, you can just tuck some of the pant length back into the pant leg itself for and no one will be the wiser. No hemming needed, no bunching visible.

On this look i rolled them twice just so i will not spoil the shoe design by crunching. These shoes are the bomb y'all. Don’t let the looks deceive you, they are so light and very very comfortable.

Do share your thoughts on how you make those long pants work.

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Jeans: Rainbow shops, Tee: Rainbow shops, Cardigan : Rainbow Shops, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, necklace:Rue 21

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com