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The Yellow Trench

Hello loves! How is your week going? its a new month! We are already in the 3rd month of the year!  The month of Gliding, that's what my Pastor Said. Looking forward to glide alright. some things may not go as we planned but we keep on counting our blessings!. If he did it once, he will do it again right.?

ok so I came across this yellow trench, I was like naaah. Its too long,  its cotton which means better care, hand wash etc. , then I tried it on and yep just as I feared...it looked gorg!. right away had so many creations in mind, so many happy outfits, moments with this Trench. And another bonus was, it was on sale which means a bargain for me hehe.

A tip for clothes on sale. If you find something on clearance/sale and you know deep down you will not really wear it?, Don't buy it. it may look as if its a bargain, but it is a waste of money if you don't wear it. 

So, like I do with every potential acquisition, I have to ask myself some questions to avoid regrets on the long term:

1. Do I really  need this? Do I have something similar already?
2. How will I style this with my current wardrobe?
3. Is the price worth it? (How many times do I predict to wear it)

So for this outfit, I wore the trench with dripped jeans and some heels. and then I thought, let me try this as a dress and voila, it looks great. I mean you can wear it however you want. I am so loving this yellow trench!! I hope you do too. Enjoy!!


Trench coat: Apostrophe stretch, Jeans: Express, crop top; Charlotte Russe, pearl necklace; Guess

Photo Credit:www.kaypixels.com




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