Happy Monday Everyone!!,
Summer is over, fall is here but we are still enjoying the sun ha!east last summerish days.. I am sad that summer is over. Hot lazy days, ,swimming, moments with my family and time spent at home etc. On the other hand I am really excited about the upcoming season!! Layers, boots and scarfs and hot chocolata!!
I cant wait!!. In the meantime, since its still hot outside, I will keep posting my last summer looks. So here goes!

Simple shorts and vest, African print!!

I hope you guys Enjoy!!

Till next time, Stay Stylish!

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Shorts and Vest: Khells Jones (Find her on facebook), Shoes : Just fab, Purse : Kohl's, Watch : Studio time, Earrings: 3Teesstore (facebook), Top: Rainbow stores, Sunnies: Citi trends


High Gladiator Sandals! I have always been skeptical about these, Most of the people I have seen wearing gladiator heels haven’t really pulled them off without looking trashy. I didn’t want to be one of them, so I tried to make this look somewhat casual with a little class.
I didn’t want to go all the way or be too funky because one wrong move with these and you've gone all the way down trashy lane .

I think it’s important to let these heels dominate the outfit, so keep other parts of your ensemble simple. Go a bit shorter with skirts and shorts to keep a long leggy look when gladiators rise to the knees. And since these are such a bold statement in themselves, keep other accessories simple. The knock-out factor of these shoes doesn’t need the competition of big bags, bangles, scarves or other pieces. You’ll already have their attention when you walk in wearing a pair of high heel gladiators with a simple mini pleated skirt.

So I kept this as simple as possible, with a Lauren Conrad pleated skirt, a sleeveless top from Marshalls and a cute neck piece form Rue 21.

If you’re looking for something more versatile, you could opt for the flat gladiators in a shorter “mini” version. These work great with a peplum skirt, capris or leggings

Btw, it was so windy and hot on this day! Wheew! My hair just couldn’t stay in place lol.
I hope you guys enjoy! Till next time, stay stylish!


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Pleated Skirt: Lauren Conrad, Top: Marshalls, Gladiator heels, Chelsea and Zoe, Necklace:Rue 21
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Happy Sunday lovelies,
Back then, you knew she was really from Africa if she owned 1 or 2 pieces of African prints/ chitenje /ankara / kente or whatever you want to call it.

The thing is, The fabric has been here since forever. I remember as a little girl wearing the chitenje fabric because it was a traditional outfit and quite honestly, it was also one of the most accesible kind of african inspired prints that could be worn very casually or out for an ocassion.

Everyone wore it. My mom would buy yards of chitenje fabric, then give it to a tailor/seamstress to make us an outfit of our choice. It seemed like there were only a couple of styles everyone stuck with.

Well, the story is obviously different today because African prints now have gotten so much recognition from designers all over the world and they are now made ready to wear. They are pouring down runways with incredible designs and breathtaking prints.

I bet you this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, so I will be rocking some of my skirts in fall with a cute blazer or cardigan.

I paired this skirt with a leather crop top from new look, my African princess accessories (beads, bangles and headgear which can also be worn as a necklace) and a pair of sandals.

I hope you guys enjoy!! For orders for similar skirts, Email us at the

Till next time, stay stylish!


Excuse my fly away hair! :)


I'm pretty sure that you've heard the rule in fashion "No white after labor day." Said who anyways? I've heard that and for years I never really understood why because I find no reason or logic behind it. White is a basic color and can match with any fall color. I dont agree with certain colors going out of fashion in some seasons. Some people say it's weird to wear pastels in fall. To me, any color is an all-season color!!, and how I love breaking fashion rules haha sorry but not sorry! Thats where the fun is right/ wearing what you want, when you want and feeling great in it!!

That being said, I refuse to not wear white in fall or any season for that matter. Thus today's outfit. All white again! so here goes. White palazzo suit, white thunderbolt t shirt which I got from forever 21 and cut the sleeves to make it a tunk! How creative! lol , white pointy shoes and we are good to go!
Loving the weather today too, no rain so am sure I am safe from any spLattering water and yes I will stay way from any BBQ sauce or ketchup. Its sandwich day for me.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Till next time,
Stay stylish and have a productive short week.

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Palazzo suit : Eccentric Kristoure, Shoes : asos, Top: Forever 21,  Bag : Aldo,  Sunnies : Aldo

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Hello Lovelies,
Happy Labor day! Its no work, no school today! its such a beautiful sunny day. Chill day, catch up on posts, run errands, meet up with friends,quality time with family, shopping, laundry? Oh the list is endless, but we only have 24 hours right? so lets do whatever we need to do Today! ☺

So, I Absolutely adore this dress I found in asos and I am/was surprised at myself coz I really dont like clothes that are too revealing however this one was quite different. It covers everything except a bit of shoulder and a Little waist ha! I avoided cut out dresses like the plague until a couple of weeks ago when in sheer desperation of something different I tried one on and loved it. I love that the dress is calf length and the fabric is amazing. Thick Polyester! The colour is of course for warm tones, no one could doubt that there's yellow in this colour but its green lol neon green I guess.(ASOS call it chartreuse - it's yellow. Chartreuse is halfway between green and yellow — a yellowish green, a greenish yellow. But the spectrum within this color ranges from bright lime to light sulphur and ofcourse you are free to call it whatever colour you see lol. green or yellow
So I paired the dress with royal blue heels, blue earrings and a cute blue bag. I also tried it with pink heels and I must say I loved it too. I will post the pink pictures later.
I hope you guys enjoy!

Till next time, stay stylish and enjoy the holiday!

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Dress: Asos, shoes: Just Fab

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Hello Lovelies,
So due to the nature of my day job, I cant wear jeans, especially distressed jeans. I have to look proffesional all day everyday!.I love it so much but sometimes especially on fridays, I wanna flex down,I want to just be so casual so I try to create outits that dont involve any jeans at all.
So yester Friday , I decided to bring out the casual in my timbs haha. I feel like timbs can be worn all year round. Spring,summer,fall and winter. dont you agree? Anywho,I wore my kinda lose faux leather pants with this sleveless sweater top. I finished the look with Timbs for an edgy look. I also had a jacket in my car, in case of meetings which I could easily throw for a more professional look. I also pulled my hair up in a messy bun. Lazy hair days if you know what I mean (wink wink) lol.
To achieve a proffesional look, I would unroll the pants and button up a simple black or brown jacket. How clever! ☺.

This look is really comfortable that I'd actually want to spend the day in.
and later for a night out too! or for saturday chill, out with friends kinda day! I hope you guys enjoy!!

Till next time,
Stay stylish and enjoy your weekend!!

Pauline Kay xoxo

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Faux leather pants:No boundaries,Top: Love J, Earrings : Aldo, Timbs: Amazon, Sunnies: Vera Wang

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Happy Tue-slay loves!

Summer is almost over, though am trying to hang on to it as much as possible, a m also getting ready for a cooler weather. So the one thing that really gets me into the Fall mood is some plaid! When I tried on this plaid vest from Forever 21,  I was a little unsure of the midi length, but I decided to take the risk and brought it home with me! I am definitely glad I did because I really think this midi length gives the vest some life y'all!! its giving me that super cool grunge feel, which I am definitely digging for Fall! To play up the grunge look I paired it a black cami, some leather/cotton leggings, topped it off with a black fedora hat and finished this look with some strappy heels!  How chic!!

You can definitely wear this out to a party, BBQ, or girls night out. Dress it down with some flat pumps or sandals for a more relaxed look for a walk in the park or running errands.

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Leggings:Top shop, Heels:Express, Watch: Studio Time,  Hat: Target, Vest: Forever 21 , Cami: Express

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Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Its often a hit when you find the correct shade of color for your skin tone! Summer is all about bright colors right! I so love this Jumpsuit I got from 3 tees store. Its super comfy. Easy to wear for lazy days when you don't wanna do too much, jump in and go!  I think I have just discovered why they called them jumpsuits, yes jump in and go! lol.

 I have already written about wearing a jumpsuit for date night and work. This one though can definitely be worn wherever! Work, wedding, BBQ, date night , I mean this jumpsuit is the bomb! I Love how its not too snug and how it flows so easily. I wore this to a BBQ and looked all relaxed and chic and then wore it to work with a few accessories and looked all professional yet casual. The only drawback about jumpsuits though is when you have to use the bathroom!, I was laughing with one of my friends on how the struggle is real when you just want to pee ha-ha. You have to at least take off the whole top part and that's why I like that this particular Jumpsuit is not snug, makes it easy for bathroom trips which I try not to make. I stay away from any drinks. lol. Other than that, jumpsuits are still the bomb!!

I  hope you guys enjoy and thank you for stopping by! Do leave us a comment about how you style your jumpsuits.  Follow us on Instagram for fresh outfit of the day posts!

Till next time,

Stay Stylish!

Pauline Kay xoxo


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Jumpsuit: 3tees Store(find them on facebook), Heels: Just fab, Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, Watch: Studio Time,  choker: Chanel

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 Thank God its Friday! Happy Fri-yay!!  Thank you  Laaaaaawwd Jesus! 

So much to do, so little time, or is it just me lol. I Feel like time is passing  by so fast, before we know it, it will be Christmas, Ok maybe not, but where is the time flown to? Any-who I found this cute vest online and I couldn't resist. It can be worn as a dress or vest or what ever you want it to be. I just love how it flows when you glide, I mean walk..  ☺I paired it with distressed jeans, a white cami and lace up heels.. so casual, laid back, yet so chic. I hope you guys enjoy!

Till next time,

Stay stylish and have a great weekend!


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Distressed Jeans: Express ,Cami: Express, Laced heels: Shoe Republic LA, Sunglasses: Rue21, Watch: Studio Time, Sheer long vest :A.Z.I

Photo Credit:


Hey Lovelies!

Happy Tuesday! 2 more days then its fri-yay!! (Positivity!)

Black is typically one of the most versatile colors to wear. In fact I have a friend that loves black so much that she wears all black everyday.  Yes every single day. When i asked her why she does that, she shared with me some tips. so here goes

1.Black is slimming 2. Black goes with everything 3. All shades of black can go together when put  together right 4. black is mysterious 5. Black is mysterious and also a powerful color (Savannah Duffy) 

 I want to argue that white is right up there with black. You guys know how I love my whites. he-he. so what happens when you put the two together? I think you get a perfectly balanced, refined, and sophisticated look. Then throw in a pop of bold color with a little bag and heels  Yaaaaaaaas you are ready to roll! Whether that be out on a date night with that special someone or a night out with your  best girlfriends, you’ll definitely be one of the best dressed out that night! You can also wear this to work and church too.

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Till next time,

stay stylish and enjoy the rest of the week.


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Dress: New Look, earrings : 3teestore(find them on facebook), Heels: Charlotte Russe, Purse : Express, choker: Chanel

Photo Credit:


 Hello loves,

I am wearing one of my favorite colors! Red..burgundy red! A High waist pencil skirt and caged heels. I love pencil skirts. They just add femininity and elegance to any outfit.. I paired mine with a sheer bow blouse. I rarely wear this type of dresses alone but I like to wear them under the cardigans, coats or jackets. I think a pencil skirt is a must-have basic piece because it's perfect for any occasion You name it, school, work, church, parties etc.  you can dress it up with heels and dress it down with converse or a pair of flats. how versatile! ☺

The caged heels are to die for!!! The are by Olivia and. I got these last week and oh my they are so comfortable and so chic! I couldn't wait to wear them. i think the will be one of my favorites! I cant wait to create different outfits with these.

How do you like to style your pencil skirts? do leave us a comment, we would like to hear from you and if you are inspired just hit the ♥ button below.

Till next time people,

stay stylish!


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Skirt: French Atmosphere, bow blouse: Pink Mode, caged heels: Chelsea & Zoe, Sunglasses: Vera Wang

Photo Credit:


hello beautifuls,

I love, love, love this romper! This is my other favorite.  I told you am sold out on rompers The simplicity of this one is what initially pulled me in, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, plus it's white, y'all know how I love white. Not to mention, it has pockets! I love anything with pockets. 2 pockets? So much the better.  
The front has a little mesh and it has a belt. I mixed things up and pairing it with some random colored blue heels and then tried it with black strappy heels. I added a hat on a different one gorgeous a casual look (for when you having a bad hair day/ lazy to do anything with my hair day) and also a white trench for a cool night. 3 looks 1 romper! How about that!
I hope you guys enjoy!


Romper: xoxo, Strappy heels: Express, Trench Coat: Top Shop, Stripped heels: (similar) bracelets: Express, Purse: Victoria's secret

Photo Credit:


Happy Saturday people!!

I feel the  “summer vibes” in this look!! Gorgeous lace romper!!

I am pretty much confessing my love for rompers , and this could be one of my favorites, for one very simple reason: it is so comfortable. The unusual thing about this one is that it actually looks pretty dressy because of the intricate lace pattern on the top. You could definitely dress it down or up depending on where you were headed or how you're feeling. So when I laid eyes on this lace beauty that was on mega sale (Top shop) I had to have it! I just love the gorgeous lace fabric and how it is long sleeved, making it perfect for a night out or a casual brunch! I paired it with these gorgeous caged heels from Just fab which I borrowed from my sister (hey Angel lol). I also wore these gorgeous Leopard print heels by JLo. I wanted to see how they will both look and I must confess, they both look awesome!!

My leopard print bracelet is from Express and the floppy hat is from Charlotte Russe. Sunnies are by Vera Wang (in LOVE with these!)

I hope you enjoy!

Till next time,

Stay stylish and have an awesome weekend!!

Pauline Kay xoxo

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Romper: Top Shop, caged heels: Just Fab, leopard print heels: JLO, bracelets: Express, floppy hat: Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses: Vera Wang

Photo Credit:


Howdy, Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!  Four more days to the weekend! ha! yes positive way to look at life.

I wanted to share this dress I wore at a concert in Indiana. I bought this dress some time back in Macy's and of course it was on sale, I just hadn't had the opportunity to wear it anywhere.

 I've always loved the black and white color combo. From the moment I saw this dress, I fell in love with the lace cut at the back and sides. A perfect combination of classic and sexy, this one is definitely one of those red carpet worthy dresses that I am yet to wear when my time comes for the Oscars,award events etc  lol.. a girl's gotta dream right? ☺ 

Ok I hope you guys enjoy. follow us on instagram @styleby_tsc for more #OOTDs and be sure to hit the ♥ button if you are inspired          .

Thank you for stopping by.

stay stylish, Til next time

Pauline Kay xoxo


Happy Saturday!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. The weekend is here again and am excited. so many fun things to do.

so I received this skirt from Eccentric Kristoure and when I first saw it, i was like mmmm one of those skirts you wear on a chilll day etc etc.. and then an idea struck me. I tried it on and since am Petite, it was long enough to be a skirt and then I Just pulled it up and voila , I was wearing a dress. I was so excited to shoot for this skirt because of how I ended up creating 3 different outfits as a skirt for summer chill days by pairing it with a cute yellow strappy top, as a dress for hot summer days or girls night out by adding some heels and then as a dress for work by pairing it with a little lace blazer for a business casual look.

I hope you guys enjoy and get inspired. If so please hit the ♥ button.  This inspired me for when am travelling, you don't need to pack a lot ha-ha. versatility plus creativity!! there you have it.

Don't forget to use my code Thestyle or TSC to get 10 % off this skirt and all items on

Till next time people!

Stay stylish and have a blessed and safe weekend!

Pauline Kay xoxo


Skirt: Eccentric Kristoure, Flat pumps: Apt 9, Strappy heels: Express, Yellow top: XXI, Sunglasses: Rue21, lace blazer: Candies 

Photo Credit:


Hello beautiful people,

I have a jumpsuit craze and am loving it!!!

This is my 4th Jumpsuit and let me tell you,  jumpsuits are probably the most comfortable thing to wear in summer: you don’t have to think about anything! Not on how to combine it with other clothes, whether your skirt is too short and it might not be practical enough for the occasion…the only thing you have to consider is choosing the right shoes   ☺ So this is actually an item for people who don’t want to spend time on thinking about what to wear at all – with the benefit that they will look stylish anyways, haha.
Since I am rather small I like to combine it with heels though – but I think this depends on the kind of jumpsuit you are wearing.  This one is rather long, so I had to put on one of my 6 inches. really has so many nice jumpsuits right now so check them out and be sure to use my code TSC/thestyle and get 10 % off.

We would like to hear from you.  How do you like jumpsuits? Do you prefer monochrome ones or jumpsuits with patterns?

If you are Inspired please hit the ♥ button!

Till next time,

Stay stylish,

Pauline Kay xoxo


Jumpsuit; Eccentric Kristoure, Shoes;just fab, Belt, Express, Hat: Rainbowstores.

Photo Credit;


Happy Independence day weekend people!!

 For a while now, I have had a mild obsession with the color RED. Red shoes, red clothes, red lipstick, red bag, red anything! lol  So, when I received this RED cape dress from Eccentric Kristoure, I was smitten by its perfection.  I Although this dress could have been worn on the red carpet(which I will in the coming future), I wore it to a red, white boom party.

Lupita Nyong’o rocked her Ralph Lauren cape dress at the golden globe awards. She looked stunning. I know I did too, this dress is perfecto! The fabric is soft, its stretchy so you have enough room and it's not too long!  it is true to size. I love it!!!

I’ve always preferred flirty dresses with a hint of mystery as opposed to in-your-face sexiness. This cape bodycon dress is perfectly fit without screaming “look at me.” But  the flowy cape commands just as much attention, if not more so. It’s alluring without looking like you’re trying too hard.  I felt like Cleopatra, what with my crown on my hair. Queening or what? he- he.

You have to be confident in this dress, because you will definitely be turning heads.. so just smile and wave!

I paired mine with simple earrings, a watch, a silver clutch and silver pumps to finish a clean classy look!  You can urchase yours at

shop this dress here


Dress; Eccentric Kristoure, arm bangles: Rue 21, head accessory and earrings: Burlington, Shoes; Kelly & Katie, Clutch; Aldo


till next time,

enjoy your independence day weekend and stay stylish!

Pauline Kay xoxo

Lupita Nyong'o-Golden Globe Awards