Hello loves,

I am wearing one of my favorite colors! Red..burgundy red! A High waist pencil skirt and caged heels. I love pencil skirts. They just add femininity and elegance to any outfit.. I paired mine with a sheer bow blouse. I rarely wear this type of dresses alone but I like to wear them under the cardigans, coats or jackets. I think a pencil skirt is a must-have basic piece because it's perfect for any occasion You name it, school, work, church, parties etc.  you can dress it up with heels and dress it down with converse or a pair of flats. how versatile! ☺

The caged heels are to die for!!! The are by Olivia and. I got these last week and oh my they are so comfortable and so chic! I couldn't wait to wear them. i think the will be one of my favorites! I cant wait to create different outfits with these.

How do you like to style your pencil skirts? do leave us a comment, we would like to hear from you and if you are inspired just hit the ♥ button below.

Till next time people,

stay stylish!


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Skirt: French Atmosphere, bow blouse: Pink Mode, caged heels: Chelsea & Zoe, Sunglasses: Vera Wang

Photo Credit: www.kaypixels.com


hello beautifuls,

I love, love, love this romper! This is my other favorite.  I told you am sold out on rompers The simplicity of this one is what initially pulled me in, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, plus it's white, y'all know how I love white. Not to mention, it has pockets! I love anything with pockets. 2 pockets? So much the better.  
The front has a little mesh and it has a belt. I mixed things up and pairing it with some random colored blue heels and then tried it with black strappy heels. I added a hat on a different one gorgeous a casual look (for when you having a bad hair day/ lazy to do anything with my hair day) and also a white trench for a cool night. 3 looks 1 romper! How about that!
I hope you guys enjoy!


Romper: xoxo, Strappy heels: Express, Trench Coat: Top Shop, Stripped heels: heels.com (similar) bracelets: Express, Purse: Victoria's secret

Photo Credit: www.8sap.com


Happy Saturday people!!

I feel the  “summer vibes” in this look!! Gorgeous lace romper!!

I am pretty much confessing my love for rompers , and this could be one of my favorites, for one very simple reason: it is so comfortable. The unusual thing about this one is that it actually looks pretty dressy because of the intricate lace pattern on the top. You could definitely dress it down or up depending on where you were headed or how you're feeling. So when I laid eyes on this lace beauty that was on mega sale (Top shop) I had to have it! I just love the gorgeous lace fabric and how it is long sleeved, making it perfect for a night out or a casual brunch! I paired it with these gorgeous caged heels from Just fab which I borrowed from my sister (hey Angel lol). I also wore these gorgeous Leopard print heels by JLo. I wanted to see how they will both look and I must confess, they both look awesome!!

My leopard print bracelet is from Express and the floppy hat is from Charlotte Russe. Sunnies are by Vera Wang (in LOVE with these!)

I hope you enjoy!

Till next time,

Stay stylish and have an awesome weekend!!

Pauline Kay xoxo

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Romper: Top Shop, caged heels: Just Fab, leopard print heels: JLO, bracelets: Express, floppy hat: Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses: Vera Wang

Photo Credit: www.8sap.com



Howdy, Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!  Four more days to the weekend! ha! yes positive way to look at life.

I wanted to share this dress I wore at a concert in Indiana. I bought this dress some time back in Macy's and of course it was on sale, I just hadn't had the opportunity to wear it anywhere.

 I've always loved the black and white color combo. From the moment I saw this dress, I fell in love with the lace cut at the back and sides. A perfect combination of classic and sexy, this one is definitely one of those red carpet worthy dresses that I am yet to wear when my time comes for the Oscars,award events etc  lol.. a girl's gotta dream right? ☺ 

Ok I hope you guys enjoy. follow us on instagram @styleby_tsc for more #OOTDs and be sure to hit the ♥ button if you are inspired          .

Thank you for stopping by.

stay stylish, Til next time

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Happy Saturday!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. The weekend is here again and am excited. so many fun things to do.

so I received this skirt from Eccentric Kristoure and when I first saw it, i was like mmmm one of those skirts you wear on a chilll day etc etc.. and then an idea struck me. I tried it on and since am Petite, it was long enough to be a skirt and then I Just pulled it up and voila , I was wearing a dress. I was so excited to shoot for this skirt because of how I ended up creating 3 different outfits as a skirt for summer chill days by pairing it with a cute yellow strappy top, as a dress for hot summer days or girls night out by adding some heels and then as a dress for work by pairing it with a little lace blazer for a business casual look.

I hope you guys enjoy and get inspired. If so please hit the ♥ button.  This inspired me for when am travelling, you don't need to pack a lot ha-ha. versatility plus creativity!! there you have it.

Don't forget to use my code Thestyle or TSC to get 10 % off this skirt and all items on www.eccentrickristoure.com

Till next time people!

Stay stylish and have a blessed and safe weekend!

Pauline Kay xoxo


Skirt: Eccentric Kristoure, Flat pumps: Apt 9, Strappy heels: Express, Yellow top: XXI, Sunglasses: Rue21, lace blazer: Candies 

Photo Credit: www.kaypixels.com


Hello beautiful people,

I have a jumpsuit craze and am loving it!!!

This is my 4th Jumpsuit and let me tell you,  jumpsuits are probably the most comfortable thing to wear in summer: you don’t have to think about anything! Not on how to combine it with other clothes, whether your skirt is too short and it might not be practical enough for the occasion…the only thing you have to consider is choosing the right shoes   ☺ So this is actually an item for people who don’t want to spend time on thinking about what to wear at all – with the benefit that they will look stylish anyways, haha.
Since I am rather small I like to combine it with heels though – but I think this depends on the kind of jumpsuit you are wearing.  This one is rather long, so I had to put on one of my 6 inches.

www.eccentrickristoure.com really has so many nice jumpsuits right now so check them out and be sure to use my code TSC/thestyle and get 10 % off.

We would like to hear from you.  How do you like jumpsuits? Do you prefer monochrome ones or jumpsuits with patterns?

If you are Inspired please hit the ♥ button!

Till next time,

Stay stylish,

Pauline Kay xoxo


Jumpsuit; Eccentric Kristoure, Shoes;just fab, Belt, Express, Hat: Rainbowstores.

Photo Credit; www.kaypixels.com


Happy Independence day weekend people!!

 For a while now, I have had a mild obsession with the color RED. Red shoes, red clothes, red lipstick, red bag, red anything! lol  So, when I received this RED cape dress from Eccentric Kristoure, I was smitten by its perfection.  I Although this dress could have been worn on the red carpet(which I will in the coming future), I wore it to a red, white boom party.

Lupita Nyong’o rocked her Ralph Lauren cape dress at the golden globe awards. She looked stunning. I know I did too, this dress is perfecto! The fabric is soft, its stretchy so you have enough room and it's not too long!  it is true to size. I love it!!!

I’ve always preferred flirty dresses with a hint of mystery as opposed to in-your-face sexiness. This cape bodycon dress is perfectly fit without screaming “look at me.” But  the flowy cape commands just as much attention, if not more so. It’s alluring without looking like you’re trying too hard.  I felt like Cleopatra, what with my crown on my hair. Queening or what? he- he.

You have to be confident in this dress, because you will definitely be turning heads.. so just smile and wave!

I paired mine with simple earrings, a watch, a silver clutch and silver pumps to finish a clean classy look!  You can urchase yours at www.eccentrickristoure.com

shop this dress here


Dress; Eccentric Kristoure, arm bangles: Rue 21, head accessory and earrings: Burlington, Shoes; Kelly & Katie, Clutch; Aldo

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com

till next time,

enjoy your independence day weekend and stay stylish!

Pauline Kay xoxo

Lupita Nyong'o-Golden Globe Awards



Hello beauties,

Its officially summer!! and what best way to enjoy it than wearing simple lovely dresses.

This peach wrap dress is the bomb y'all, and of course I got it from Eccentric Kristoure.

It's so easy to wear ,  I love the colour and the length of the dress(modest) and it has 3 quater arms. The fabric is stretchy and a bit see through, so I slipped something inside as usual.  It's a perfect fit too, so girly yet, so lady like.

I wore this to work and my colleagues loved it and so I decide to share it with you guys. You can get your own at www. eccentrickristoure.com Dont forget to use my code TSC or thestyle10 to get 10 % off.   For those that don't feel comfortable wearing a wrap dress to work, here's a few tips.

1. Size up: When they are smaller, they cling in a way that feels too flirty for work, so make sure you have a little room in there. I suggest 1 size up and you can still easily wear it for a night out and church.

2. Shape wear: No matter how much you work out, slipping shape wear under a wrap dress makes everything better. Forget Spanx and get a few pairs . Try Victoria's Secret or burlington.

3. Accessories: These always make a difference for an outfit, but I’ve found the biggest shift change in how you are perceived – meaning are you work ready or out for a date – in accessories with a wrap dress. I wore simple a cute long statement necklace I got from burlington and high pumps. You can wear lower heels or flats to tone the dress down and accentuate its simple elegance. Sandals, hoop earrings and a different statement necklace transition the outfit for post-work hours.

I hope you guys enjoy!

till next time,

stay stylish!

Pauline Kay, xoxo



Hello beautiful people!

Who said you cant look professional in Palazzo pants? Anyone? going once, twice, sold!! lol  Palazzo pants are super wide-leg, loose, flowing pants that were super popular back in the '60s and '70s. As most trends tend to do, palazzo pants have popped back .Yes people , it looks like the 70s are creeping on us fast.

So I received this palazzo suit from Eccentric Kristoure. I am calling it a power suit! The moment I saw it, I was in love. The fabric is thick and it even has lining inside from top to bottom which is awesome! yaaay! The pants are high waist with a nice fit and wide legs. I so love the front details, how its pleated and all. I feel like the pictures are not even doing these pants justice. and i love that this suit is white y'all know how I love my my whites, if I could wear one color for a month, I would definitely chose white, all white!

Disclaimer-  I said it in my last post and am saying it again, These pants were too long and I had to cut them myself and due to time, I couldn't do any hemming lol so excuse the little treads. I am going to fix it! my mum would be so displeased with me right now he-he)

Anywho, back to this suit, A power suit like this is to be worn in moments you want to stand out. It makes a statement, it looks professional and has a sophisticated air to it!! You can dress it down by wearing the pallazo pants with a casual t-shirt, a stylish button up, or a trendy crop top, your look will always have a slightly more put-together and thought-out appearance.

I paired this suit with a coral crop top to give it a little pop. This is my first first pair of palazzo pants and definitely not my last ones. They are a must have for the summer What with the ease of the silhouette and how they flow when walking in them.  I hope you are inspired.  You can shop this look at www.eccentickristoure.com Use code thestyle10 or TSC to get 10 %off. 


blazer:Eccentric Kristoure, High waist palazzo pants: Eccentric Kristoure, Crop top; Eccentric Kristoure, Shoes; Just fab, Earrings, 3tees store(facebook, ) box clutch; Aldo, pearl choker; chanel

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com

 I hope you are inspired! Do leave a comment and hit the ♥ button. We value your opinions to so feel free to shoot us an email or dm s on our instagram page @styleby_tsc! TIll next time, stay stylish!

Pauline Kay



Hello beautiful people!

Today's post is about this amazing love jumpsuit. Its called Love jumpsuit because of the shape that looks like a heart. This one is a strapless sweetheart neckline love jumpsuit. it has a bond bodice, pleated detail to waist, elastic ankle legs and nice wide pockets.

To style this for work, I paired it with a cute hot pink blazer I got from Kohls , neon pink heels and a pink neck piece. super easy right? yep! that's it! you can dress it down for a night out by just taking off the jacket and add some sneakers or replace the pink jacket with a moto jacket for a more edgy look




Jacket: Candies, Love Jumpsuit; Forever xxi, Shoes; Express, bag; Anne Klein, necklace; oldie

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com

 I hope you are inspired! Do leave a comment and hit the ♥ button. We value your opinions to so feel free to shoot us an email or dm s on our instagram page! till next time, stay stylish!

Pauline Kay



I definitely have a weakness for gorgeous blouses, especially ones  in cotton and with a big bow lol. I fell in love with this bow blouse that  I received from Eccentric Kristoure. OH MY GOD! yes literally omg!!! I love the fabric(Its pure cotton), i love the color and i love the polka dots. This blouse is everything  y'all . I feel like  I couldn't wait to share it with you guys. So I paired this beauty with these Palazzo pants, they are actually a suit.(Disclaimer- These pants were too long and I had to cut the myself and due to time, I couldn't do any hemming lol so excuse the little treads. I am going to fix it! my mum would be so displeased with me right now he-he)  I will do another post on the whole suit later but today it's about the blouse. so where was I again? okay so as soon as I saw this on @eccentrickristoure 's ig page I knew it was a must have! it has white polka dots with a wide bow tie which can be tied however and has front button fastening and buttons on the sleeves, and its a crop blouse btw, I just didn't want to show anything so I wore a white cami inside.

So it looks like the 70s are back y'all! back with a bang! I hope you guys enjoy this look. You better get yourself your blouse before they run out and don't forget to use discount code thestyle10 to get 10 % off on www.eccentrickristoure.com

till next time, stay stylish people!!

Pauline Kay



Blouse: Eccentric Kristoure, High waist palazzo pants: Eccentric Kristoure, Shoes:cupid, Earrings;3Tees store

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com


Hello beautiful people!

Thank God its FRI-YAY!! ☺☺ First off,  I think everyone can rock a little white dress, in my case not so little white dress. Number 1 is to make sure you choose the right type of white dress for your body! In general, the darker you are in skin tone, the darker shade of white will best suit you. So for instance, pale skin shades will look best in bright white shades, whereas dark skin will be better suited in off whites or creams. Also, beware of thin white material as it can become see-through, and make sure to wear black or nude underwear!


Dress; Asos, Shoes:Express, Purse; Victoria's secret, Earrings;Aldo

Photo credit:www.kaypixels.com

If you want to look more classy and sophisticated, then pair up your little white dress with some black. Match your dress with a black belt, black clutch, and some black pumps. Perfect for if you ever have to attend a black and white party and you want to stand out from all the other girls who will most likely be wearing little black dresses. I paired mine with black strappy heels and a black clutch. I didn't wear any jewelery as this dress has a front strap. I love it! it has such a uniqueness don't you agree? so for this look less is more! simple!


Wearing blacks and whites is also a great way to make the colors of your body pop, such as your eye color, skin color, and hair color! You can even pair your little white dress with a black leather jacket for an edgy look that’s super hot for a night out with the girls etc.

I hope you guys enjoy! do share your thoughts o how you rock your LWDs


Happy blessed Sunday people!
Todays post is sponsored by Eccentric Kristoure
They have amazing dresses and pieces for both men and women, so guys you are not left out.  I will be sharing with you my honest opinions of the clothes they sent me. This is just the first one. Check out their website www.eccentrickristoure.com They have a memorial day sale tomorrow, 25 % off. Use code memorial day

So this dress I wore is a wrap kind of dress. The material is soft and and flowy. I love that it's so flowy and girly. Its a bit see through so be sure to wear something inside if you are like me and don't want people to see everything. It has a belt of the same material which can be tied at the back, front or side. I like mine on the side. I thought this lovely dress went perfectly with my green block heels (oldies). It's a go to dress for church, work, night out or just one of those easy, lazy days. I love it!  You can also follow them on Instagram @eccentrickristoure.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by!

Stay stylish always!

Pauline Kay xoxo


hello guys,

Happy Saturday!!, it's memorial weekend, long weekend. No work or school on Monday, yeey! Today is kind of a chill day, running errands here and there and catching up on stuff.

While prints are great year-round, there’s something about them that just works for spring. In particular, bold floral prints always look beautiful, bright, and fun for spring. I can't make out whether this print is cheetah or leopard, nevertheless,  love the bold print on it. I love the length(albeit too long for me), the slits on the side and on the arms, and the flowwy material. its great for summer too! i wore it with high sandals because i didn't want it on the ground, but you can definitely wear it with flat sandals. Dress it up or down, it still looks stunning!. Hope you enjoy!

Happy memorial weekend guys!

stay stylish

Pauline Kay xoxo




Hello beautiful people, 

Its so beautiful outside today, sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming.Not a day to be feeling blue at all, but we can wear blue because its corporate Tuesday .So lay back relax and enjoy!

Today's look is this peplum off/cold shoulder  dress. my oh my, only one word for this dress! '' Stunning!! I said earlier that peplum is still bae to me , that's my opinion man. it will evolve but this trend is here to stay!   I love how this dress fits so perfectly, its also mid calf which means modest and then it goes and shows a little skin, just the shoulders!  you gotta love this!. and to top it all, I got this dress for only $25!! ye I know, it was a steal.

So I accessorized the dress with this amazing statement piece I found in Rue 21 for $5, I know most people will be like hey that will spoil the beauty of  the off shoulder/neck line look by adding a  neck piece, but hey this neck piece had to be worn and i must say it slayed the whole look too!  haha. That's the beauty of personal style, you can  pretty much do whatever you want to do and no one can stop you!  but I would definitely want to hear from you. How do you accessorize? When and when not to? lets talk!


Dress; Bongo(sears), Shoes:Bob cat, neck piece: Rue 21, Earrings;3 tees store on facebok, Bag; Cato

Photo credit: image Casts


Hey guys,

Its not secret that a midi skirt is a must have in your closet right now. At least I know its the easiest piece to style for any occasion and  I repeat you should have this in your closet right now.!! lol Not only is it modest, but you can pull it off with almost anything. I have styled this midi black skirt with several other pieces, a white blouse, a pink polo a green tunk. This midi skirt if made with a heavy polyester fabric so to combat the heavy look, I wore a leopard print blouse which is light in fabric and color  and voila!!, it looked amazing, chic and oh so classy!

i finished of the look with a pair of leopard sandals and a faux fur olivia and joy bag. To make it a little playful, I added brown sunglasses from vera wang (they were/are on sale in Kohls)

So there you have it people, you can create amazing outfits with this low rise midi skirt or all occasions. work, party, concert etc. I wore mine to church and am sure my Lord was pleased with my dressing in his sanctuary! lol ☺

I hope you were inspired. please do share your thoughts on the black midi skirt and feel free to ask me any  fashion questions!

Thanks for passing by

love and blessings,

Pauline Kay xoxo


High Low midi skirt: Rainbow, leopard print blouse; Bongo, Shoes;Anne Michelle, Faux fur bag; Olivia+Joy, Sunglasses; Vera Wang, bangle : Rue 21, Earrings Aldo, Watch; Studio Time

Photo credit: www.kaypixels.com


Hey loves, Hope we started the week on a good note if not,  there is still time to make it work in the week.

Its corporate Tuesday!! ,and for today's outfit, we are keeping it simple in this asos petite dress. I just love the details of this dress. Its thick polyester material and has mesh like details at the back , sides and a little in the front. Talk about attention to detail!!! love love this gorgeous garment ♥♥. I also love the fact that it's a mid calf length, it gives a sexy kind of modesty to it! How chic is that? Okay so to to keep it real simple, I paired it with these black  gorgeous sandals from victoria's secret, no accessories since it has beautiful details in the front and I didn't want to spoil it. I had worn an xxi leather jacket over it when it was colder but that just about it!

This dress can be worn to church, work, party and whatever occasion!

Be inspired and hope you enjoy

Pauline Kay



Dress; Asos Petite, Shoes Victoria's's secret, bangles : Rue 21, Moto jacket : Forever xxi

Photo credit: www.kaypixels.com

“Don’t just stand for the success of other women – insist on it.” – Gail Blanke, President and CEO, Lifedesigns
When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde
“People don’t take opportunities because the timing is bad, the financial side unsecure. Too many people are overanalyzing. Sometimes you just have to go for it.” – Michelle Zatlyn
“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmacher
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel
“Expect the unexpected, and whenever possible, be the unexpected.” – Lynda Barry
“You’re not in competition with other women. You’re in competition with everyone.” – Tina Fey
“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou
“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King, Jr
Finally people, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. PHILIPPIANS 4:8


Hello folks,

Hope your week is going great! Tomorrow is Friday and I just cant wait for the weekend! I have an amazing task on saturday and I can't wait to share it with you guys. just keep watching this space.

So last time I had promised to do 3 different outfits on the white crisp shirt, so this is look number 2!

The world is not suffering from a shortage of white shirts, but how do you zero in on one you’ll happily care for? A pivotal factor is fabric. Mine is 100% polyester, I just love how versatile this shirt is. it can be rolled back to a a3/4 sleeve which is awesome with the changing weather!. You might want to handwash most white shirts,  that way you are assured there is no stains or color bleed from other clothes in the washer.

So I paired this one with a flowered grey  high waist pencil skirt and added a little pop of color with the heels. as I said  a white shirt is so easy to put together. Infact I can guarantee you that everyone looks good in a white shirt. Just keep it simple!  So there you go folks. I hope you enjoy!

Do share your thoughts.

Have a blessed day!



White shirt;Express, Pencil Skirt : APT  9, Shoes:Louboutin, Necklace set: Macy's, watch and bracelet; Ashley princess

Photo credit: www.kaypixels.com




Hello loves,

The peplum is an ageless trend that keeps resurfacing back year after year, and really this is not surprising. It is one trend that suits almost every woman. If you are slim, it makes you look shapely, giving you the appearance of hips. If you are plus size, it makes your waist appear slimmer, what’s not to like?

So I rocked this gorgeous Peplum dress the other day at church. It's an oldie but it's still bae! There is something about this dress thats makes me feel so Elegant and classy. I  just love the details on this dress.  The material is kind of metalic which changes color a little to purple in the sun and it has a lace like belt with black embroidery.  Some peplum dresses will have a special belt built in for best fitting and it’s for those who want to fit in a dress perfectly or who wish to show off their original body shape. I love the way mine just hugs my body, not too tight , also not lose, just the right fit!

I accessorised it with a dark purple necklace which kind of matches the belt like lace and I pulled over a little bolero jacket on top because i wore it to church, but you can definitely wear it without for a different occasion.  Please do share your thoughts on peplum!

Have a blessed day!



Dress;Niteline, Clutch : APT  9, Shoes:Express, Bolero jacket: oldie, Necklace set: macys

Photo credit: www.kaypixels.com